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    Outdoor Kitchen in Palestine

    Let us create for you a beautiful outdoor showcase from an ordinary backyard! Outdoor kitchens aren't what they used to be. In the 21st century, they've taken on a whole new look. Outdoor kitchens used to be simply a grill with an old college mini-fridge next to it. Now, the outdoor kitchens from JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine are only limited by your imagination! Think BIG!


    When planning your outdoor kitchen in Palestine, extend your design to the landscape. You'll want to include interesting gathering area such a fire pit or a water feature. There's more to building your JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine outdoor rustic wood kitchen than just your choice of wood. You'll want to consider the floor of your patio. There are so many choices and our master craftsmen can help you choose the best option, depending on your theme.


    We'll rough in the enclosure and build the walls or supports, depending on whether you want an open or enclosed structure. Next we'll frame in the roof using the materials and style to fit with your theme.

  • Choose a Theme for your Outdoor Kitchen!

    Tropical Paradise

    The tropical theme is a popular favorite that's been around for a long time. Outdoor kitchens in Palestine don't have to be flamingos and pink hula skirts! We freshen up by starting with bright pastel colors for a cheery design. Anchor the seating areas with rugs adorned with big tropical flowers. Add decorative pillows and cushions with various textures and coordinating colors. Finish the design with brightly colored candles and a whimsical string of lights. Bring in some floral dinnerware and drinkware.

    Coastal Vibe

    Whereas the tropical has a bright, vibrant feel, the Coastal Vibe is more organic and natural feeling with subdued colors like turquoise water and sandy shores. This design style presents a calmness. Soft, plushy cushions in light colors can achieve the feel you want in the furniture. Keep the atmosphere relaxing by including a subtle splash of seashells or sea glass dotted around the area. You'll want to keep it light and refreshing on a summer day by serving up some fish tacos accompanied by a mai tai or a dacquiri.


    Give your outdoor kitchen the aged appearance of early Italy by bringing in the Tuscan decor that has a rustic, old world, refined look. Use darker, jewel-toned colors and terra cotta for floors, counters and backsplashes to give it that Italian countryside vibe. Use faux brick on your pizza oven and cabinets. Stoneware accessories such as pitchers, plates and candlesticks finishes off the look.

  • Picking the Appliances and Accessories


    The size of your appliances is determined by the square footage of your outdoor kitchen. You don't have to break the bank in choosing the appliances. You can find some scratch and dent retailers that offer some great bargains on an appliance that may have a small ding, many times that can be hidden or camouflaged.

    The Grill

    You'll want to find the perfect grill for your JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine outdoor kitchen. You'll be spending most of your time at your grill, so you won't be sorry for spending a little more on this piece. Our craftsmen will fit your built-in grill perfectly to your cabinets and we'll extend your work space using the perfect granite top counter for ease of maintenance and sanitary purposes. You'll want plenty of space for prep and serving, everything from appetizers to desserts. Friends can bring their favorite meat to barbeque and you will love entertaining in your new outdoor kitchen from JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine.

    Pizza Oven

    An outdoor pizza oven is one upscale item that is sure to turn heads! Everyone loves the mouthwatering aroma and the rustic flavor of a pizza cooked in your outdoor pizza oven. This is one thing you'll want to splurge on, if you'd splurge on anything! A great way to entertain your family and friends is to invite them over and give them their own crust. Provide them with their choice of toppings and everyone can create their own favorite pizza.

    Add Greenery and Decorative Structures

    You can use greenery to brighten up any Outdoor kitchen area and create a cooling atmosphere. Colorful flowers attract butterflies and a variety of birds. Consider putting up a birdhouse or two for observation. Butterfly houses are also a fun and popular addition.

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