• Deck Repair and Staining

    We Maintain Your Deck and Outdoor Living Spaces

  • Stain or Paint?

    We have many options when it comes to repairing and restoring your wood decking. JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine can restore the natural beauty of your wood by sanding and sealing the natural wood. You will always want a wood preservative as a base for any finish.


    Stain is a more budget-friendly option than painting. If your outdoor deck in Palestine is to be painted you'll want to choose the exterior paint that's suitable for decking. You'll also need to factor in primer on top of your wood preservative.


    Painting does a better job of filling in cracks and hiding imperfections in the wood of your outdoor deck. Staining doesn't take as long to apply, but it also doesn't provide the longer lasting protection that painting does in preventing mold and rot.

    Stained Wood Deck in Palestine
  • Expert Staining

    JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine recommends outdoor deck owners have the deck stained and sealed at least once every season. Protecting and maintaining your classic wood deck is crucial to keeping the rich colors vibrant and impactful. Wood decks that are professionally managed by JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine, will ensure and provide protection for the structure and the materials for many years to come. The integrity and the reliability of your home's deck can be assured by regular deck staining by JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine. Choose from a wide variety of options, customizations and conveniences that JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine offers.

    Quality Deck Staining in Palestine

    Our team of experts at JBS Decks and Patios are professional and dependable when it comes to providing homeowners with quality deck staining services. We provide convenient and affordable deck staining services in Palestine and the entire region. We are proud to say that we've provided countless homeowners the peace of mind they get from hiring our master craftsmen to maintain their outdoor living spaces to save the quality, safety, value and beauty of your Palestine wood deck for years to come. Palestine deck owners can feel confident about choosing JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine to stain and maintain their beautiful outdoor living space, every year!

    Painting and Sealing

    Our knowledgeable team at JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine can deliver quality, expert painting, sealing or staining, or a combination of all three. Our experts are just what deck owners in Palestine and this region are searching for, no matter how big or small the job is! You can depend on the experts at JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine. We'll take the time to discuss the right options and help you choose the perfect finishes to turn your backyard into your own private oasis or entertaining area to make all of the neighbors jealous! Your deck will not only perform beautifully, it will look amazing! You'll have long-lasting protection from the sun, wind, rain or snow with the quality deck painting you'll receive from JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine.

    Convenient and Affordable

    JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine can repair and match almost any deck finish. Or we can completely refresh with a brand new look. Whatever you choose to make your outdoor kitchen or living space your own signature look, you can depend on convenience and affordability when you hire JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine. Our design professionals know the latest trends as well as the popular classics to make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood. You'll never be at a loss for friends when you have the outdoor entertainment space that everyone wants to flock to. Whether it's cooking up some great Texas barbeque or serving your signature cocktails, watching the Sunday night football game on your outdoor TV, or watching the stars from under your custom pergola, there will never be a dull moment!

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