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  • A new custom deck in Palestine, TX will enhance the beauty and increase the value of your home. Palestine is a charming town in East Texas, located in the Piney Woods. Palestine is rich with history and natural outdoor beauty. By using professional deck builders, JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine, you will be able to tap into the outdoor living that residents love and appreciate. JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine take pride in their quality workmanship and design! Let's face it, almost every deck is the heart and soul of an outdoor sanctuary. Our master craftsmen help you tie together the stylish furnishings that make this space you. From a lush living wall, a sleek designer firepit, a string of vintage lights to the seating solutions you like.

    Custom deck in Palestine
  • Cedar Decking

    Your blueprint to backyard bliss starts with a Real Cedar Deck. This wood's beauty and endless versatility will be a guiding light to an amazing designer dream. This durable wood is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects. It tends to last longer, is resistant to moisture absorption, and needs less maintenance. Real Cedar Decks don't warp or split easily, making this a wonderful option for JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine to build your dream deck with.

    Exotic Hardwoods Decking

    Exotic Hardwood Decks are simply gorgeous! There's nothing else quite like them. They are the go-to for high-end homes that have real wood decks! They are extremely dense and highly durable, making them an attractive option for many homeowners. They are very rich in color and resistant to insects and decay. Ipe (pronounced E-pay) originates in countries from South America and Central America. It is some of the toughest and longest-lasting deck material available, lasting 25 to 75 years, depending on the species.

    Mahogany Decking

    Mahogany is perfect for JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine decking. Mahogany has the unique characteristic of not splintering even when it is damaged. This makes this an ideal option for high-traffic and children. This is a low-maintenance deck with the proper care can last 40+ years. Nowadays, Mahogany Decking comes from plantation grown and sustainably forested trees. Because JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine sources from the forested plantations, there is minimal effect on the environment and you get the best quality Mahogany Decks available.

    Redwood Decking

    Redwood Decks from JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine are the most environmental-friendly choice there is, due to being abundant, renewable and energy-efficient. Redwood is abundant and remarkable in almost every aspect. It is naturally resistant to weathering and wood-boring insects without the use of preservative chemicals. Redwood Decking offers significant environmental advantages over plastic composite decking, such as staying cool under foot all summer long. It's very affordable while maintaining is natural beauty and structural integrity with little maintenance. JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine Redwood Decks can be restored repeatedly with minimal effort and cost.


    AZEK is an alternative to traditional treated wood decks. AZEK Composite Decking is artfully designed to look like real wood with a variety of colors and textures, and is built to last. It is extremely stain-resistant even to wine spills, fruit punch and hamburger grease. AZEK Decks are scratch resistant so you won't have to worry about furniture or pets damaging your deck. AZEK Deck boards have been engineered to withstand all the everyday things that happen on a deck, while giving you the aesthetic of realistic wood appearance.


    TimberTech Composite Decking has several lines that all offer durability, low maintenance options that look like real wood, and a 25-year warranty that can be transferred to a second owner. With TimberTech, you don't have the worry of annual painting and staining, while enjoying the beauty and color for years. TimberTech saves you money over the life of your deck because it resists mildew, rotting, warping and insects so there's no need to replace boards or spend time and money staining or painting like with real wood.


    Fiberon is a composite material made from a combination of recycled plastic and wood flour. It has one of the best warranties in the industry and offers affordable options in several styles and colors. Fiberon is made 100% in the USA and incorporates eco-friendly materials and sustainable business practices into everything they do. At JBS Decks and Patios of Palestine, we take pride in creating outdoor living spaces that offer the beauty, genuine value and easy maintenance of our Fiberon Composite Decks.


    Trex is still the world's #1 Decking brand, with it's stunning color options and it's sustainability. Trex offers good, better and best categories of Decking with all products having the industry-leading 25-year warranty and protective shell technology. JBS Decks and Porches of Palestine offers the perfect line-up of Trex low-maintenance, high-performance products.

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